Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Discussion of "The Permit" on Jon Ralston's "Face-to-Face" show

On July 10, the third anniversary of my son's murder in Las Vegas, NV, Jon Ralston of Channel 3/KSNV kindly invited me on his "Face-to-Face" show to talk about Erik and "The Permit." Here's a link to that discussion (may have to scroll down to the July 10, 2013, show):


During the interview, I identified "Captain Cover-Up" as LVMPD Captain Patrick Neville. This Las Vegas Metro police officer was the architect of a sloppy, transparent cover-up of Erik's murder-by-Mosher. At the time, Neville headed Metro's Homicide unit, but has since returned to his comfort zone, Metro Intel. I wonder why.

I also revealed the fact that a "double" of Erik was in Costco on that fateful day, July 10, 2010. Mr. Double bore a striking resemblance to Erik—same height and almost the same weight, hair color and eye color. And that man WAS impaired; he was either drunk or under the influence. Mr. Double was the guy Costco employees reported stumbling and falling on the checkout conveyor belt. "Double" also caused some kind of loud disturbance at the Costco pharmacy. (We have a photocopy of "Double's" driver's license, but, for his protection, we're not revealing his identity and address.)

Later, when an employee saw Erik carrying a legal concealed weapon, Shai Lierley, Costco's malicious undercover loss-prevention officer, gleefully called the cops. Did he believe Erik and Mr. Double were the same guy? That the man, who caused a ruckus at the pharmacy, and "the big redhead with a gun" were the same person? Possibly, because the two men could have passed for brothers.

Later, after Erik was shot to death, Costco employees were herded into a room and TOLD what they should report to police investigators. Several employees were subsequently briefed on what to say at the farce of a coroner's inquest hearing into Erik's murder-by-cop. There was no mention of "Mr. Double," of course.

Interestingly, every Costco employee testifying at the "inquisition" described Erik as 5' 8" tall and accompanied by a SHORT woman, who had long, dark hair and was wearing a WHITE top.

In contrast, Erik stood 6' 0" tall and was accompanied by a girlfriend, who was very tall (almost six feet, in heels), had long, dark hair and was wearing a DARK-colored top. Tellingly, one Costco employee, who testified at the inquest hearing, said pictures of Erik "were a lot better-looking than the man I saw" in the store that July 10th. That's because she saw Mr. Double fall on the checkout conveyor belt, not Erik Scott.

Without question, Costco managers intimidated their employees. Either the latter willingly spouted falsehoods dictated by their managers, or the employees' jobs were in jeopardy.

When I was writing "The Permit," our attorneys barred me from including anything about "Mr. Double." That restriction was lifted prior to the launch of "The Permit" in hardcopy/paperback earlier this month.

More revelations to follow.... Meanwhile, the hardcopy version of "Permit" is now available at Amazon and PygmyBooks.

—William B. Scott