Thursday, May 8, 2014


One foolproof method for deciding who is the right person to elect as the next Clark County sheriff and leader of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is to scrutinize endorsements.
And the perfect way to eliminate the wrong sheriff candidates is to ask: Who is the Las Vegas Police Protective Association (LVPPA) backing? 
The LVPPA is an unabashed, integral cog in the Cartel of Corruption machine that controls the county’s law enforcement and judicial system. Chris Collins, as PPA director, exemplifies the arrogant, overbearing, in-your-face attitude of unionized Metro cops, who routinely alienate hundreds of thousands of Las Vegans, driving a wedge between citizens and police officers. Further, the PPA dictates to Sheriff Doug Gillespie, who is such a weak, ineffective leader that he routinely rolls over and does whatever Chrissy Collins demands.
The PPA routinely backs killer-cops, defending egregious shootings of people the PPA derisively refers to as “civilians,” even when video data prove, beyond a doubt, that the officer(s) screwed up and literally murdered the victim. Collins struts before TV cameras, spinning falsehoods about what really happened and bad-mouthing the victim, invariably implying that a Metro cop couldn’t possibly make a mistake or be devoid of good sense and courage. 
Collins has angered thousands of Southern Nevada citizens, and is personally responsible for at least 250 Metro police officers leaving the union. Good cops refuse to support a despicable, lawless union that fuels taxpayer hatred and disrespect for police officers. Consequently, professional cops drop their PPA membership. Many honorable officers have dumped the PPA and joined the Fraternal Order of Police Officers, instead.
For decades, the PPA has only backed sheriff candidates who promise to perpetuate Old Las Vegas operating procedures, which were put in place for one reason: To keep money flowing into resort-hotel-casino moguls’ pockets. And those billionaires make sure their Mob bosses continue to reap obscene profits, thanks to assistance from uniformed Metro flunkies, who serve as “enforcers.” The PPA’s role in the Cartel of Corruption machine is to defend outlaw cops at all costs, because those integrity-devoid officers ultimately take care of business for the big money.
Consequently, a PPA endorsement of a sheriff candidate is a loud and clear declaration that the man is a willing tool of Strip billionaires, who control Las Vegas. It also means that candidate, if elected sheriff, will never, ever hold a cop accountable for shooting and killing an innocent citizen, or performing illegal “services” on behalf of Vegas elites.
In the 2014 election, Chris Collins and his Las Vegas Police Protective Association badge-heavy thugs are backing Larry Burns. In my humble opinion, that’s reason enough to scratch Burns off the list of viable candidates. He fails a key test for being an honest, tough sheriff, who will get rid of killer-cops, such as William Mosher and Brian Yant.
The Right Sheriff will not coddle killer-cops and turn a blind eye to malfeasant behavior by Metro officers, like Gillespie does. And The Right Sheriff, immediately after he pins on his badge and four stars, will order Chris Collins to dust off a Metro uniform and return to the streets as a beat cop. Collins and the seven or so other Metro cops, who now do nothing but serve as the PPA’s full-time leadership cadre, will earn their salaries as working peace officers. 
No longer will the sheriff be a willing stooge for a union that actively works against the best interests of hard-working citizens, the people who pay cops’ cushy salaries. If PPA members really value Collins and his buds, they’ll gladly vote to increase their dues and pay for such indispensable leadership. 
Bottom line: The Right Sheriff will refuse to waste scarce taxpayer funds  underwriting haughty, obstructionist PPA leaders, who will never back his policies. And that, Mr. and Ms. Voter, ensures the PPA will do everything in Chris Collins’s bag of scumball, reprehensible tricks—lie, slander and scaremonger—to submarine The Right Sheriff’s campaign.
Consider the PPA’s dearth of credibility, and do NOT vote for any PPA-endorsed candidate.
William B. Scott